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Dynamic Route53 records for AWS Auto Scaling Groups with Terraform

AWS Auto Scaling Groups may seem outdated in a world dominated by Serverless and Kubernetes, but they still have their place in Meltwater’s AWS infrastructure.

One thing we felt was missing in Auto Scaling Groups are unique instance names. EC2 instances launched in the ASG are given the same Name tag, with no internal Route53 DNS entry. We have addressed this issue with an easy-to-use Terraform module called asg-dns-handler.

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Introduction to the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)

Meltwater takes pride in having autonomous devops-enabled teams. This includes decisions on how to deploy their infrastructure. In this post Andy Desmarais is sharing an introduction to the newest deployment method that his team is experimenting with, the AWS Cloud Development Kit.

You also find more articles like these on Andy’s blog terodox.tech.

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Why we Love and Sponsor Benthos

We love Open Source here at Meltwater, and like most modern software companies, we would not be able to operate without it.

One project that we are especially fond of is Benthos, “the stream processor for mundane tasks”. In this post we share how our relationship with Benthos started, how we are using it, and why we decided to become an official sponsor of Benthos.

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Truth Discovery in Practice — Aggregating Conflicting Datasources

If one source says Microsoft’s headquarter is in Seattle, and another source has it in San Francisco, how do we determine which one is more plausible? The literature calls this the truth discovery or veracity problem.

In this blog post Andreas Klintberg from our Knowledge Graph team shares how Fairhair.ai uses the Truthfinder algorithm to fuse thousands of data points from dozens of sources for our knowledge graph.