Podcast: Platform teams, how structural changes improve outcomes in Agile organizations

Simone Sciarrati and Jeff Campbell from Meltwater joined the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast to discuss how the way we organize teams can impact the effectiveness of an organization.

In this episode, Jeff (long time contributor to the Scrum Master Toolbox podcast) and Simone (Engineering Team Lead at Meltwater) share the journey of a team, how it changed, and how that team structure change affected not only the team itself but also the organization around them.

Drone CI at Scale

Drone is a powerful open source continuous integration tool which we have been running as an internal service to Meltwater’s engineers. During the past two years we have seen the service adopted by the majority of development teams, to where we currently run over 1,200 pipelines per day on average.

In this post, our Foundation team shares some of the features that have made Drone such an important tool in the daily workflows of our engineers.

How to Run a Remote Unconference

For three days in June, 238 people from Meltwater Product and Engineering organized and participated in our first remote unconference. The event featured 118 sessions focused on sharing knowledge, training, and problem solving. The event received an overwhelmingly positive response from the people that attended.

In this blog post we take a look at how we facilitated this event, which tools we used, and why we have already started planning our next one!

Improving Record Linking for our Knowledge Graph (Part 2)

Meltwater recently released a new product feature called Signals, which helps our customers to identify business-critical events.

In a previous post we introduced the concept of record linking, and presented our first approach for merging information from multiple sources for our Knowledge Graph.

In this second post, we share how we improved those initial models based on user feedback and analysis of learning features, and also present formal evaluation metrics.