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Centralizing Developer Docs in Backstage

A growing Engineering org may reach a point where answering questions that used to be simple have become hard. At least that is true for us! Questions such as: “Who owns this?” “Do we have a component that I can reuse?” “Where are the docs for that API?”

This post shares the challenges we want to solve, and the experiences we made while centralizing our internal developer docs in Backstage, an open platform for building developer portals.

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Spotlight: Jessica Cornwell

At the heart of Meltwater Engineering are the employees who find ways to collaborate around the world. In our Spotlight series we will introduce you to new hires as well as veterans from across the organization, and give you insights into their day to day from North Carolina to Hong Kong.

Today, in the spotlight, is Jessica Cornwell from our in Raleigh, NC office.

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Tracking the Social Media Landscape with Meltwater Explore

The social media landscape is changing at breakneck speeds. As Product Manager for Meltwater’s Social Content Marketing product, Andrea needs to stay up to date about everything happening with our competitors and in the industry as whole. In this post Andrea shares how she greatly reduced her manual research time, using our own products.

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Meltwater at PlatformCon 22

We couldn’t be more excited: We have not one but two speakers sharing Meltwater stories at PlatformCon 22. Federico Hernandez and Simone Sciarrati work on our Foundation/Platform teams, who help the rest of the org deliver solutions faster. This post contains summaries and videos of their talks.