Meltwater on the New Stack Makers Podcast

Two members of the Meltwater Foundation team, Federico and Simone, contributed to the CNCF End User Technology Radar, a guide for evaluating cloud native technologies. Recently they were interviewed by the New Stack Makers Podcast about the report’s findings on how the Kubernetes multicluster management landscape is taking shape.

Quick Feedback Made Easy Today

Have you ever worked with somebody, and you only found out after 6 months that they had feedback for you that would have greatly improved the way you collaborate. However, somehow that feedback was never given? We have certainly seen this happening in our Engineering teams, and hence we started to experiment with new feedback formats.

In this post, Agile Coach Jamie Green shares what he has learned about the Speedback Feedback format, and how you can use it in your teams.

Evolving Our User Personas in 2021

Our UX team updated Meltwater’s user personas in 2021. Originally created in 2016, they needed to be revised due to changing markets, changes in our product, and the industry as a whole. In this post, Andy Proehl, our director of user experience design shares what we changed and what we learned in the process.