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Meltwater on the New Stack Makers Podcast

Two members of the Meltwater Foundation team, Federico and Simone, contributed to the CNCF End User Technology Radar, a guide for evaluating cloud native technologies. Recently they were interviewed by the New Stack Makers Podcast about the report’s findings on how the Kubernetes multicluster management landscape is taking shape.

CNCF Assesses the Tools for Kubernetes Multicluster Management premiered on July 13th, 2021, and features Federico Hernandez (Principal Software Engineer) and Simone Sciarrati (Engineering Team Lead), both members of the Meltwater Foundation team.

The episode contains insightful discussion into their team’s experience running Kubernetes for the past three years at Meltwater:

You have the existing infrastructure, you have your existing requirements, policies and way of doing things in the company, and then you put Kubernetes in there. So, rather than adapting the company, you often need to adapt Kubernetes to fit into the existing playing field. – Simone Sciarrati

We hope you will enjoy this podcast as much as we did.

Image credits: The New Stack Makers Podcast