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It is Three Inches from Women to Asia

Recently I had an interesting problem to solve. Given a set of documents and the key phrases found in each document, the task is to display the key phrases on a map so that related phrases appear close to each other while unrelated ones are placed further apart. This should result in a word cloud in which words are somewhat semantically clustered.

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The Meltwater Engineering Blog

Get ready Internet: This is the Meltwater Engineering Blog

At Meltwater Group we develop software that helps many businesses big and small around the world to do their job even better. Among other things our software monitors news (Meltwater News), finds relevant information in social media channels (Meltwater Buzz), or identifies journalists that are interested in the information that our customers want to distribute (Meltwater Press).

Behind the scenes a technically diverse and geographically spread team is working relentlessly to make sure all of our products meet the customer’s needs. We are starting this blog as public platform for all the developers at Meltwater Group. In the posts to come you will meet many of us and the topics we are working on.