Post-it Art - How we threw a frog to the wall

No animal was harmed in this, we promise :) Nevertheless, we indeed ended up with a frog on the wall in the Meltwater office in Berlin.

In Berlin we have a team that uses Kermit, the well known Muppet character, as a mascot. So we thought it would be only appropriate to decorate the office accordingly.

BE MORE - Sebastian Spier - Careers at Meltwater

Meltwater recently produced the BE MORE video series that portrays various employees and their different roles in our company. Sebastian Spier, Development Manager in Berlin, was also interviewed for this series, so that you can learn a bit more about him and the work he and his team do for Meltwater. The video is in German but we are sure that your German is great, right? :)

Stockholm Natural Language Processing Meetup Kick-Off

Meltwater just initiated the Stockholm Natural Language Processing Meetup, and on October 23, 2014, we hosted the kick-off session in our office in Stockholm.

The idea of creating this Meetup emerged from a Knowledge Sharing and Tech Talks culture in Meltwater’s Data Enrichment Team. We thought that we could go beyond this and create a platform in Stockholm to bring closer academia and industry as well as an opportunity for people to interact with teams or individuals in similar fields and learn together. Having this in mind, we launched the Stockholm Natural Language Processing (NLP) Meetup, which is sponsored and organized by Meltwater.

Promises & Promise chaining at the Berlin AngularJS Meetup Group

We all can be proud to have such an active AngularJS community here in Berlin. Really. The Berlin AngularJS Meetup Group which organizes monthly events with lots of interesting talks, is responsible for a big part of the buzz around the framework.

At the October AngularJS Meetup we were especially proud, as Meltwater was able to give back to the community by having our very own Hans-Gunther Schmidt give a talk on using promises and promise chaining through the $q implementation in AngularJS.