Promises & Promise chaining at the Berlin AngularJS Meetup Group

We all can be proud to have such an active AngularJS community here in Berlin. Really. The Berlin AngularJS Meetup Group which organizes monthly events with lots of interesting talks, is responsible for a big part of the buzz around the framework.

At the October AngularJS Meetup we were especially proud, as Meltwater was able to give back to the community by having our very own Hans-Gunther Schmidt give a talk on using promises and promise chaining through the $q implementation in AngularJS.

The talk was addressing AngularJS developers from beginner to intermediate level and consisted of 2 parts:

  1. a theoretical part explaining the basics of callbacks, how code can get unmanageable over time (callback hell) and how to use promises to regain control over your code
  2. a demo part developing functions using promises and orchestrating various promise-based functions into promise chains

Here are the slides. If you have comments about the presentation, please post them in the comment section of

We are looking forward to more opportunities to contribute to the community in Berlin.