Meltwater Sponsoring Local Hack Day Berlin

Meltwater Product & Engineering is very proud to be an sponsor of Local Hack Day Berlin. We provide excellent food for the participants, and we hope that this will fuel the creative juices :)

Local Hack Day is a “12 hour hack day that brings together the local hacker community to celebrate building awesome technology. On December 3rd 2016, students around the world will be simultaneously hosting their own Local Hack Day, resulting in the single largest day of student hacking ever.” (from

Featured in Oberbaum CityLights

Oberbaum CityLights is a quarterly magazine that covers the area where our beautiful Berlin office is located. In their recent edition they featured our very own Sam with a story about how he came to Berlin and how he is experiencing life and work in Berlin.

If you want to read the full article, download the Oberbaum CityLights Winter 2017 edition (Sam is on page 10).

Meltwater is Sponsoring Stretch Conference 2016

Meltwater is very happy to be Bronze sponsor for Stretch Conference 2016, which will take place in Budapest on December 1st/2nd.

After a big group from Meltwater visited Craft Conference earlier this year, we were excited to see that the same organizers were hosting a leadership & management conference as well, so sponsoring the event was only logical for us.

With Rona Steinrücken & Ola Sundin we also have speakers from Meltwater at the event, which will make it even more fun for us to attend the conference to cheer for them. :)

Meetup: Monitoring your AWS Costs

On August 16th, we hosted the AWS User Group Meetup in the Meltwater Berlin Office. It was our first time hosting the AWS meetup and we would like to share with you what the meetup talks were about and also our experience in hosting a meetup in our Berlin office.