How to Organise an Unconference

We just finished our quarterly Meltwater-internal conference. As this is the 6th time that we have run the event, we have gathered some experience by now and I thought it was a good time to share what we have learned about planning and executing such an event.

I wanted to share the approach we take to hosting this because I think a lot of people struggle with how to host these things in a beneficial way. When your company is making the large investment an internal conference requires, you want to make sure it runs smoothly and you get the most out of it. For that preparation is key!

Sharing API Versioning Strategies

While building Meltwater’s customer facing API, we have been working on a better versioning strategy. Our goal is to build a stable API for clients, but still continue to push out new features and enhancements in as short iterations as possible.

Inspired by Stripe’s API, we have been working on implementing rolling, point-in-time versioning for our API.

We have put together a talk to share our learnings at meetups/conference, but will also write this up in a blog post in the near future.

Lightweight Tests for your Nginx API Gateway

An API Gateway is a design pattern often used in microservice architecture to provide a single access point to the underlying system. While building the Meltwater API, we have frequently used this design pattern.

In this article we explain why we have found it crucial to have meaningful tests for our API gateway. We also show you our test setup, and how you can use this approach yourself. You should continue reading if you need a simple yet effective way to verify the basic correctness of your API gateway.

Angular Summit 2017 - Boston

Last month, Meltwater gave me the opportunity to attend the Angular Summit in Boston. I jumped at the chance to travel into the city and learn about the latest iteration of Angular.

Today I’d like to share my key takeaways from the event. You will get the most out of this post if you plan to start a new Angular app or to apply modern practices to your legacy apps.