Meltwater speaking at Cloud Native Rejekts Barcelona

Meltwater’s Foundation team has invested heavily in Kubernetes to provide this platform as a service to other development teams. Many of those teams have migrated to Kubernetes already.

Naturally our Foundation team learned a lot about what can, and will, go wrong when running a big enough Kubernetes cluster. Recently they attended Cloud Native Rejekts in Barcelona, where they shared some of these learnings.

Hosting the CloudNativeGbg meetup in Gothenburg

Meltwater has been using Kubernetes in production for over a year. The theme for this meetup was “difficulties and pitfalls” so we wanted to share our lessons learned from offering Kubernetes as an internal service to our engineering teams all around the globe.

It was the second edition of the CloudNativeGbg meetup and we hosted the meetup it in our Gothenburg office. A great attendance ensured very interesting discussions before, during and after the event. Thank you all for coming!

Making Drone Builds 10 Times Faster!

We open sourced drone-cache, a plugin for the popular Continuous Delivery platform Drone. It allows you to cache dependencies and interim files between builds to reduce your build times. This post explains why we are using Drone, why we needed a cache plugin, and what I learned while trying to release drone-cache as open source software.

Read on for the story behind drone-cache or if you want to jump into action directly, go to the, and try it for yourself.

Saving the Planet, one Brotdose at a time

We Germans are known for our love of renewable energy, energy saving lamps, and recycling. I am allowed to say that, as I am one of “them” :) Our office in Berlin had another idea to reduce waste: Lunch boxes (“Brotdose” being one possible translation of that).

Most of us like to leave the office for lunch break. Once in a while we also pick up food from nearby stores, to eat it in our kitchen in the office. That means you will get a doggy bag to transport your food, mostly a box box made of styrofoam, or plastic. “ewwwww”

Employee Surveys: Our Journey, Approach and Learnings

At Meltwater, we have been running a quarterly employee survey with 350+ people in the Product & Engineering group for three years. This post explains our journey, our approach and what we have learnt.

Read on if you are wondering how an employee survey can help you understand your organization better and create strategies to improve engagement on various levels.