Hosting the CloudNativeGbg meetup in Gothenburg

Meltwater has been using Kubernetes in production for over a year. The theme for this meetup was “difficulties and pitfalls” so we wanted to share our lessons learned from offering Kubernetes as an internal service to our engineering teams all around the globe.

It was the second edition of the CloudNativeGbg meetup and we hosted the meetup it in our Gothenburg office. A great attendance ensured very interesting discussions before, during and after the event. Thank you all for coming!

The meetup was live streamed and recorded (see video below). The description of the video contains the full list of talks and slides. Below the details from the talks that the Meltwater presenters gave.

Federico - Running k8s with kops on AWS

Federico spoke about running Kubernetes with kops on AWS. His talk covers a top ten list of kops peculiarities, AWS limits, CNI bugs, etc. and originates from having had a Kubernetes cluster with 120+ nodes in production for more than a year.

Slides: Running k8s with kops on AWS


Jessica - Managing users in multi-tenant Kubernetes Cluster

Jessica presented Meltwater’s approach to user management in a multi-tenant Kubernetes cluster, where each team gets its own development, staging and production environments aka namespaces. She explains how we use Role-based access control (RBAC) in combination with Dex and GitHub to handle authorisation and authentication of 21+ different teams.

Slides: Managing users in multi-tenant Kubernetes Cluster