Spotlight: Patrick Bardo

At the heart of Meltwater Engineering are the employees who find ways to collaborate around the world. In our Spotlight series we will introduce you to new hires as well as veterans from across the organization, and give you insights into their day to day from North Carolina to Hong Kong.

Today we are happy to introduce Patrick Bardo from our Gothenburg office.

Reinventing the Water Cooler Conversation

In the midst of the pandemic and months into working from home, Hardik Gupta, a data scientist at Meltwater, was missing the social connection of going into work, specifically the spontaneous conversations with people from other business functions and teams. He decided to experiment with emulating these conversations remotely and #mw-coffee-chat was born. We sat down with Hardik to get a better understanding of the idea and how and why it was so successful.

Maturing as an Agile Coach

Have you ever been asked “how does the impact of an Agile Coach change as the team matures”? In an attempt to explore this question I will describe my experience as an Agile Coach working with one team for 2 years. I will examine how my impact within that team changed during that time, working through various maturity phases, and my attempt to find ways to measure my impact.

Migrating DynamoDB between AWS accounts using AWS Glue

AWS is a wonderful ecosystem in terms of infrastructure, but the UX and the sheer number of domain specific terms can be overwhelming when you are trying to understand how to do things. Migrating a database from one account to another turned out to be more complicated than we first assumed. In this post I am documenting every small steps that I found to be missing from other guides.

Meltwater on the New Stack Makers Podcast

Two members of the Meltwater Foundation team, Federico and Simone, contributed to the CNCF End User Technology Radar, a guide for evaluating cloud native technologies. Recently they were interviewed by the New Stack Makers Podcast about the report’s findings on how the Kubernetes multicluster management landscape is taking shape.