The NLP Search System of Meltwater Press

Meltwater Press

At the end of 2012 I joined the Engineering team of Meltwater Press (mPress), to start working on my master thesis on the mPress NLP search system. The title of the thesis is “Qualitative analysis for detecting shifts in system requirements of search systems”, and I am performing it under the supervision of the DAI-Labor of the Technical University of Berlin.

In the Developer Spotlight

In the Developer Spotlight

The Developer Spotlight is a new category on our blog. I offers you a keyhole view at the work of our developers, designers, support engineers, testers, operations engineers, Scrum masters, and all other people at Meltwater that bring our products to life.

It is Three Inches from Women to Asia

Recently I had an interesting problem to solve. Given a set of documents and the key phrases found in each document, the task is to display the key phrases on a map so that related phrases appear close to each other while unrelated ones are placed further apart. This should result in a word cloud in which words are somewhat semantically clustered.