Bookmarklets and Atlassian JIRA

Bookmarklets are bringing back hackability to the internet. They help automating little repetitive tasks and making webpages dance. In this post Amer Hamzeh tells us how he fell in love with bookmarklets and why.

The Day the Internets Broke

On Tuesday, a bug in the OpenSSL library was disclosed. It even got a name - Heartbleed - and a logo. And it turned out to be as severe as it can get.

The new dimensions of sentiment

What are the sentiment dimensions of "Backpacking through wonderful Europe or traversing the Pacific Rim, S Translator on GALAXY S4 is the perfect travel mate"

The volume of brand mentions online is exploding. With this explosion is an expectation that the “owners” of these brands will not only participate in the conversation, but take in this feedback and make necessary adjustments to products, ads, distribution, customer service, etc. To do this effectively, Meltwater needs to help company executives go well beyond a simple positive/negative analysis of these brand mentions and provide a clear picture of who is saying what about their brands.

Within the context of an mLabs research project, Balázs Gődény of our NLP team in Budapest built a prototype to help us understand what other insights (or sentiment dimensions) could be uncovered from brand mentions. In this article Balázs discusses the most important findings.