Meltwater Tech Talks: Testing clicks without Apple's help - Mobile testing with Appium

We are very excited to announce that on July 1st, 2014 we will have Kuba Siemiątkowski (a front-end developer at Sauce Labs) in our Berlin office, to give a talk titled Testing clicks without Apple’s help - Mobile testing with appium.

This presentation is open for everybody, so if you are interested to join, please contact me and I will add you to the list of attendees.

Topics of the talk will be:

  1. What is Appium and who is behind it?
  2. Why use Appium instead of other tools?
  3. Philosophy behind Appium
  4. Platforms support
  5. How does it work and why we love webdriver?
  6. Examples of bindings for different languages
  7. Other code and video examples
  8. Few words about scaling

In summary:

The title of this announcement should really be ‘Free pizza and drinks at Meltwater’ because that’s what we will have but I am sure you won’t just come for that, right? :)

So bring your friends, listen to a great presentation, and have a good time.