Deep Learning Models for Sentiment Analysis

Meltwater has been providing sentiment analysis powered by machine-learning for more than 10 years. In 2009 we deployed our first models for English and German. Today, we support in-house models for 16 languages.

In this blog post we discuss how we use deep learning and feedback loops to deliver sentiment analysis at scale to more than 30 thousand customers.

Micro Pipelines: Analyzing Big Data with Tiny Apps

One of our teams at Meltwater was recently faced with a problem that required relatively simple tasks applied to a large volume of data. To solve this we experimented with a pattern we call micro-pipelines, which are a sequence of microservices that work together to create efficient, fault tolerant systems.

This post provides an example of how we designed and built such a micro-pipeline.

Meltwater speaking at Cloud Native Rejekts Barcelona

Meltwater’s Foundation team has invested heavily in Kubernetes to provide this platform as a service to other development teams. Many of those teams have migrated to Kubernetes already.

Naturally our Foundation team learned a lot about what can, and will, go wrong when running a big enough Kubernetes cluster. Recently they attended Cloud Native Rejekts in Barcelona, where they shared some of these learnings.