Tech Talk: Scalability Testing of a Production Kubernetes Cluster

In early spring 2018 Kubernetes went into Production at Meltwater and has seen great adoption from a lot of our engineering teams. Our Kubernetes cluster went from hosting 150 services at the end of 2018 to more than 800 services 9 months later.

As part of our involvement in the Cloud Native Nordics community, we recently gave a tech talk there where the team managing our Kubernetes cluster shared what they learned about scalability testing Kubernetes.

Boosting Collaboration with an Internal Unconference - On the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast

Gene Connolly and Jeff Campbell joined the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast for an episode on boosting collaboration and promoting DevOps culture. Gene (Principal Software Developer at Meltwater) and Jeff (long time contributor to the Scrum Master Toolbox podcast) share their own experience organizing Internal Unconferences, and why this may be exactly what you need to improve collaboration in your organization.

The Journey To Front-End Performance  —  Assessing Current Performance

Our Application Framework team was tasked with assessing and improving application performance. Analyzing performance across the globe is challenging. The architectural layout of Meltwater’s application, as well as the way we organize our teams, lead to various challenges.

This is the first post in a series about front-end performance. We will share how our Application Framework team went about assessing the current performance of our app. Continual monitoring and relative metrics are a cornerstone to build from when focusing on performance. Here is how we laid our cornerstone.

Cheaper Logging from AWS Lambdas

To provide structured data from the Web to our customers, our team maintains a web crawler. The system downloads and processes 600K URLs per hour, resulting in huge amounts of logs. That costs a lot!

In this blog post, Róbert from our Crawler team explains how we modified our architecture to save 40k USD/year on logging.

First Commits at Meltwater Engineering

When you start at a new company, the first weeks are a turmoil of new things. The Meltwater Product & Engineering team is no different. When new colleagues join us, they go through an onboarding phase with parts that are standardized across the company, and other elements custom to their team. Still due to the different backgrounds, and expectations, everybody will have a slightly different experience.

You cannot generalize personal experiences. It is best to hear those experiences from the individuals directly. In this post five new colleagues share how their first couple of weeks at Meltwater went.