Writing a blog post

Writing a blog post

All of you have something interesting to share. Therefore all of you can publish something on underthehood.

Let us know what you want to write about, and we can help you find an angle that makes the story interesting for our audience. We have done this with many first-time-bloggers before, so don’t worry, just ask us for help :)

For inspiration, check out our Publishing Pipeline with posts that we are currently working on, or browse the recent posts on underthehood.meltwater.com.

Here the steps to create a blog posts:

Create a draft (Google Doc)

Google Docs work best for writing a blog post in a collaborative fashion. So to get started, just create a new Google Doc and write down the idea for your blog post. We recommend that you don’t write more than 1/2 page first.

Then you share this draft with somebody. You can share it with us right away (see footer) but if you want to share it with somebody in your team first, or your spouse, that works too :)

After that you can follow the publishing process outlined below.

Publishing Process

  1. share your topic with us - [you] Create a new issue on this repo.
  2. get feedback - [reviewer] - Once you submit the issue, we know that you want to write something, so now we can help you :) We will review your draft, and give you helpful tips to make your post even better. This process requires a couple of iterations and can take anywhere from days to weeks, depending on how much time you have to write. Also see Doing Reviews.
  3. publish the post - [you + reviewer] - Once the content for the blog post is done, we need to create the markdown version of the blog post and send a PR. See Publishing.