The following instructions assume that you are comfortable using markdown, git and GitHub. If that is not the case, no problem, we can do this conversion for you.

Converting to Markdown

!!! tip We have built docx2gfm, a tool that might help you to convert your Google Doc (.docx) formatted blog post into markdown. Please try it out and let us know what you think.

When creating a new post, please clone the repository and create a feature branch.

git checkout -b my-new-blogpost

All you need to do now is to create a new file in the _posts directory. The filename needs to be in this format:

The following are examples of valid post filenames (see the _posts directory for more examples):

All blog post files must begin with YAML Front Matter. Here is a basic example:

layout: post
title: "Meltwater Engineering at CHARM in Gothenburg"
comments: true
categories: [Tech Talks, Gothenburg]
author: <a href="">Joel Carlbark</a>

Now go ahead and write your wonderful blog post in GitHub flavored markdown.

Send a PR

When you are done writing your blog post, just create a pull request on this repository.

We will then proofread your blog post one last time. This typically takes 1-2 days.

Going live

As soon as the PR is merged, it will automatically go live in a matter of minutes.