Flexibility Comes First

Often, we tend to focus on compensation and benefits when negotiating job contracts. We forget to question how a job will accommodate one’s life and personal needs. Ideally, a company and employment should be flexible to fit your life, not the other way around. In this blog post I’ll talk about what I consider to be important in an employer.

Our Journey from Database to Data Lake

My team at Meltwater is responsible for tracking how our customers consume the variety of content that we offer. We also build aggregate reports to help our Sales team understand customer behavior. That requires collecting and querying billions of usage events each month. In this post, I will share which technical solution we built, and what we learned by building the system a second time.

Spotlight: Jeremiah Hoyet

At the heart of Meltwater Engineering are the employees who find ways to collaborate around the world. In our Spotlight series we will introduce you to new hires as well as veterans from across the organization, and give you insights into their day to day from North Carolina to Hong Kong.

As our second installment, we are happy to introduce Jeremiah Hoyet from our Raleigh, North Carolina office.

Meltwater gives to FIRST

Meltwater is proud to have donated to the FIRST diversity & inclusion program! FIRST® is a global non-profit focused on advancing STEM education, and inspiring young people to be science and technology leaders and innovators. The DE&I program at FIRST helps to serve an inclusive and diverse audience, reflecting the population of the communities they serve.

Meltwater strongly believes in the value of such programs, and we are glad that we are able to support this cause.

IWA and NPM - A recipe for stable deployments

Deploying web applications can be extremely challenging. Even if your application only relies on a single API endpoint, many mistakes can still make it to production just by having to rebuild your javascript and CSS artifacts for each environment. That’s where Immutable Web Apps and npm can step in to help out! Let’s dive into why Meltwater uses a CDN to host private meltwater npm packages as static assets, and how this increases the stability of our deployments.