Meltwater at PlatformCon 22

We couldn’t be more excited: We have not one but two speakers sharing Meltwater stories at PlatformCon 22. Federico Hernandez and Simone Sciarrati work on our Foundation/Platform teams, who help the rest of the org deliver solutions faster. This post contains summaries and videos of their talks.

From 0 to Platform - Meltwater’s 6 years journey

Simone presents Meltwater’s 6 years journey from Dev vs Ops to autonomous teams (and DevOps) and the rise of our internal platform.

Key topics:

  • The mindshift needed to move from internal services to an internal platform and what it means to treat the platform as a real product with the fellow engineers as customers
  • The challenges of driving adoption when there is no company mandate to use the platform
  • How ideas inspired by ShapeUP influenced our working process on the way to become a high performing team

Swapping the wheels of a running car - Migrate from Amazon VPC CNI to Cilium in Kubernetes

Federico Hernandez and Simone Sciarrati dive into how they performed the migration of the networking component for Meltwater’s production Kubernetes clusters - from the AWS VPC CNI plugin to Cilium.

Their team develops a platform on top of Kubernetes that serves 40+ teams, running 3000+ deployments and 10000+ pods utilising more than 8000 cores and 18TB memory, powering a large part of the Meltwater product.

Key topics:

  • the reasons behind the decision to migrate to Cilium
  • details of the live migration, the challenges we faced before, during and after (yes, not everything went A-OK)
  • the tooling we created to test the migration process and ensure the migration would be seamless

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