CD Meetup: Continuously Everything

On 3rd of March, Meltwater hosted a session of our Continous Delivery Meetup, with the fitting topic Continuously Everything. We hosted these sessions at our beautiful office at Kungsportsavenyen in the middle of Gothenburg.

This time around we had three presenters from Meltwater and about 50 attendees from inside and outside the company. We covered the following topics:

  • Continuous Delivery from an Agile perspective. By Jeff Campbell. video, slides

  • Introduction to Infrastructure-as-Code and using Hashicorp Terraform for automating all your AWS resources. By Mikael Johansson. video, slides, code

  • Continuous Delivery of Code & Infrastructure - Infrastructure Delivery-Pipeline-as-Code using Docker, Jenkins Job DSL, Terraform and Mesos. By Alexander Nilsson. video, slides

Sorry about sound quality and the clips not covering the full talks. First time we’ve recorded talks, will do better next time :)