SF-Text Meetup at Meltwater

On October 15th we proudly hosted SF-Text at our Meltwater HQ in San Francisco. SF-Text is a popular NLP themed meetup in the Bay Area. The event was well-attended (+70 people) with plenty of NLP professionals and experts in the audience.

Our very own Babak Rasolzadeh (Director of Engineering, Data Science, Meltwater) gave a talk about NLP and Data Science at Meltwater with the title “The Importance of Entities”.

Babak focused the talk on NER (Named Entity Recognition) applied to the social domain, that is notoriously challenging, and explained why some of the work of Meltwater’s Data Science team is in fact state-of-the-art.

We have some results in-house on this subject matter that have been benchmarked against state-of-the-art in the academic research community and surpass those results.

Below a recording of the talk itself:

If want even more detail, please take a look at the slides from “The Importance of Entities”.