Berlin Riak Meetup at Meltwater

On Feburary 27th Meltwater was lucky enough to host the Berlin Riak Meetup in our office at Rotherstraße in Berlin. We were happy to have close to 30 Berlin Riaktors gather for talks by basho and rovio, yes the guys behind Angry Birds!

After some beers and plenty of pizza, Richard Cox from basho kicked off the meetup with a brief introduction to Riak. In the 2nd talk, Ari Talja from rovio presented Riak on AWS at Rovio. His talk is best summarized by its abstract itself:

Running Riak or any database in a virtual environment is more challenging than running it on physical boxes. Rovio have used Riak in varying use cases in services of different scale and requirements. Sometimes, we’ve taken the hard way to learn how to implement our use cases correctly considering the possibilities and restrictions the environment and the tools have set us.

Many of the questions after the talks centered around new features in the upcoming Riak 2.0 release, which the audience seemed to be quite excited about.

Afterwards many of the presenters and visitors went for drinks to a bar close-by. The unstructured mingling afterwards seems to be an integral part of the whole meetup scene and we can totally see why :)

This was the first ever meetup in our Berlin office and it was a really fun experience for us. We are looking forward to host many more meetups here in 2014, so AngularJS, PhoneGap, JavaScript, … who is next?

Image credit @fishtailandmums