The Three Musketeers joined our US Operations

All across the Engineering teams in the US and Europe we are recruiting for high caliber individuals to strengthen our different groups. Recently we had the three musketeers join our US operation, which are - as we all know - accompanied by a 4th fellow. So shouting “all for one, one for all”, let me introduce them to you.

Justin Desrochers joined Meltwater in mid-February at the NH office as a Principal Engineer on the Buzz team. He has a strong background in web service architecture and development which will serve him well since that is exactly the type of thing we need him to do! Justin is currently doing some evaluation of our tech stack as we embark on the next generation of web services for the Buzz product. We’re very excited to see what he comes up with!

We also welcome Ben Walsh (@bwalsh), Frontend Engineer, to the PR Suite team. Ben brings with him a rich expertise in SaaS based development, JavaScript, and jQuery. In his free time Ben enjoys researching medieval history, brewing beer (of course drinking it too) and hunting. Currently Ben is getting comfortable with the code base and will then support us with some integration projects. So if you want to brew beer, Ben might be your man!

The Three Musketeers

Christopher Powell joined the PR Suite team at the same time as Ben, also as a Frontend Engineer. He is a JavaScript, Python man, that has also been working in Scrum teams for a while. When not working, Chris enjoys surfing, snowboarding, and game development which will fit very well into Meltwater’s culture of anything and everything. Right now Chris is working with Ben on reviewing the News UI code base. Want to learn something about Scrum? Talk to Chris!

At the beginning of March, Ian Muir (@woogychuck) joined our New Hampshire office as a Senior Frontend Engineer. Ian’s knack for creating slick user-facing applications will serve as a great complement to our current team as we adopt a more service oriented architecture. In his short time with us so far, he has shown his desire to quickly learn about the software that is put in front of him while applying the skills and knowledge he already has to help us produce a better product. We’re looking forward to seeing what can be accomplished with Ian and the rest of our team!

Welcome to the team Justin, Ben, Chris, and Ian. We are all looking forward to work with all of you. Now you just need to figure out who of you is Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and D’Artagnan :)