The Meltwater Engineering Blog

Get ready Internet: This is the Meltwater Engineering Blog

At Meltwater Group we develop software that helps many businesses big and small around the world to do their job even better. Among other things our software monitors news (Meltwater News), finds relevant information in social media channels (Meltwater Buzz), or identifies journalists that are interested in the information that our customers want to distribute (Meltwater Press).

Behind the scenes a technically diverse and geographically spread team is working relentlessly to make sure all of our products meet the customer’s needs. We are starting this blog as public platform for all the developers at Meltwater Group. In the posts to come you will meet many of us and the topics we are working on.

At Meltwater Group we also take pride in being a bunch of good-natured mavericks. With that mantra it only felt right to start contributing to open source software as well. We are already contributing to tools that we use internally, and this will become even more in the future.

Technologically we are dealing with big data (HBase, Hadoop, Riak), search technologies (Elastic Search, Solr), Natural Language Processing, and all sorts of different content types likes news articles, blog posts, tweets and many more. We will blog about insights in some of these areas as well.

You can also find blogs from our sales colleagues, or even from our CEO Jorn Lyseggen but if you are really into software development, then this blog here is for you.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do :)