Open Source at Meltwater

As a leading data science, business intelligence, and media monitoring company, Meltwater is on the cutting edge of gathering and crunching big data to help its clients find Outside Insight.

Meltwater is a sales-driven tech company, which means that the product and our responsibility to our clients matter. But it also means that the technology and our engineers matter. We look for engineers who want to be stakeholders in our products, but we also believe that they should be free to innovate. Our company is a family, but we also know that our engineers belong to the greater, world-wide community of programmers, techies, hackers, and Sunday coders. As such, we are proud of our involvement in many open-source software (OSS) projects, whether we started them or not.

For our most impactful open source contributions, please check out the pinned repositories on our GitHub page.