Purpose of underthehood

Purpose of underthehood

We wanted an avenue to talk about all the things “product and technology” that we do at Meltwater. Further we wanted the ability to share our stories with the public, not just internally within Meltwater.

This is how the underthehood blog was born in January 2013.

As an aside: Neither our corporate company blog meltwater.com/blog which is mainly for our customers, nor our mLife blog mlife.meltwater.com which is just for a Meltwater-internal audience gave us what we needed. Hence we rolled our own.

Audience of underthehood

This blog is public. Everybody can read it it.

The primary audience we have in mind for this blog are people in the technology sector, especially SaaS, Big Data, AI, etc.

A secondary more specific audience are recruitment candidates trying to learn more about Meltwater, and specifically the Product & Engineering side of our company, before they apply.

Objectives for this blog

  • Have some fun!
  • Share what Meltwater does on the technology side of our business. Which technologies do we use? How do we develop software? What is our culture?
  • Showcase useful projects that we have open sourced
  • Who are the great people that make up our Meltwater Product & Engineering teams? Underthehood can be an outlet for employees to showcase their professional profile.
  • Allows recruitment candidates to find out something about the technical side of Meltwater
  • Gives the author of the post an opportunity to represent the interesting challenges that they and their team are solving (personal branding, much like speaking at a conference)