Cross posting to other sites

Cross posting to other sites

Sometimes there is an opportunity to cross-post a blog post from underthehood to other sites. Other sites might want this because they are a technology vendor that we are mentioning in their blog post, or if they are a medium that publishes technology or industry news and we have written about a topic that fits their audience.

For them (the site) it is a cheap way to get content. For us (Meltwater) it is a great way to expose our content to another audience that would typically not find their way to underthehood.

For example see of this cross-postings to

Some guidelines for cross-posts:

  • final review by us - The other site is typically making some modification to our post, before publishing it. To make sure that our content is represented in the correct light, we want to ask the other site for final review, before the cross-posting goes live.
  • author profile - Even when our post is cross-posted to another site, the original ownership of the content is still with Meltwater and the Meltwater employee that has written the blog post. To make sure that the authorship is clearly expressed, we want to ask the other site to add an author profile to the post, with a small blurb about the author that we are providing (see examples below). We also recommend to add a picture of the author, but that is of course up to you :)
  • mention Meltwater - If the blog post itself is not mentioning Meltwater already, we want to add a short paragraph at the beginning of the blog post that does this.
  • link to original post - The cross-posting should contain an obvious mention of where the post originally came from. Typically at the beginning or the end of the cross-posting. For example: This article was originally posted as Lightweight Tests for your Nginx API Gateway on
  • SEO (canonical tag) - We want our UTH post to appear as the first hit in search results, as it is our original content. To make sure that the search engines know that when indexing our post, we need to ask the other site to set the canonical tag, pointing to the UTH URL of the respective blog post.

Examples of Author Profiles

Mateusz Korszun is a software developer, mainly working with Elixir and Ruby these days. As part of the Meltwater API team in Berlin Germany, he has spent significant time learning how to build, orchestrate, and test microservices, especially when deployed on AWS.

Anton Hägerstrand is a Software Engineering working for Meltwater in Sweden. He has worked with Meltwater’s search cluster for about 5 years. His team in Gothenburg focuses on providing a reliable search experience over large sets of data.