Developer Spotlight: Alex Rösel

Today we are putting the developer spotlight on Alex, Full Stack Developer for Meltwater’s Mobile development team in Berlin, Germany.

Hey, I’m Alexander Rösel and joined Meltwater in May 2013. I grew up in Berlin and still live here (which is rare to find these days).

In 2001 I started playing around with websites and did some Visual Basic stuff before starting my apprenticeship as an assistant in Business Informatics. After graduating I worked as a freelancer but soon decided to work for several Berlin based startups, before joining some friends and starting apitrary.

Most of the time I was responsible for the frontend part (HTML, CSS, JS) which is still my favorite but I also got my hands dirty on the backend side wherefore I started to learn Ruby and ditched PHP immediately ; )

Joining Meltwater

After learning a lot of stuff by working in different startups, I got in contact with Meltwater because apitrary shared the same office floor with their engineers in the Oberbaum City. As they were looking for a web developer with frontend experience, I joined the company.

In fact, Meltwater is my first global company to work with and I am really enjoying it. There is a lot of stuff to do and I already met many great people. The most recent projects I worked on are the mobile app for Meltwater Buzz and an internal CMS for our updaters that handle the data entry and maintenance for our journalist database of more than 1 million records.

When not working, I am often still sitting in front of a computer, going crazy about the newest implementations in CSS3 and HTML5. I’m also enjoying good movies, reading books, and fiddling around on my bike.

If you want to get in touch and discuss stuff like how to make web apps look good across the different browsers, or why kerning is important, follow me on twitter or : )