San Francisco: Senior Search Engineer

Job Description

As a Senior Search and Storage Engineer at Meltwater, you’ll be involved in design and development of the core technology services which deliver relevant and timely information for our customers.

You’ll be joining a small and extremely talented team of engineers, catering to a large worldwide customer base, and working on technology which routinely handles hundreds of millions of incoming documents, amounting to gigabytes of raw data, every day. You will work on areas such as document persistence, real-time indexing, retrieval, and relevancy scoring. We’re looking for a developer with a strong background in both theoretical and applied information retrieval.

Amongst the technologies we use on a daily basis are ElasticSearch, Riak, RabbitMQ, and Hadoop. You’ll get the opportunity to work with and develop for these systems, and to explore and shape the future technology choices we make.

Our company headquarters are in the heart of downtown San Francisco, and we also have a development office in Fremont, East Bay. We make use of and work from both locations - and both are suitable locations for this role.

Skills & Requirements

We’re looking for someone with good working experience of search technologies in the context of very large data sets. Practical working knowledge of Lucene is a must, as is previous experience dealing with the challenges that come along with search and storage of large data sets - whether using an existing search engine system like Solr/ElasticSearch, or a custom in-house solution.

Strong Java skills are also a must, since all of our core technologies are developed in Java. We make extensive use of Spring and Maven for framework and build respectively.

Experience working with distributed technologies would be a strong benefit, since we make extensive use of distributed systems, and aim for all of our services to scale both vertically and horizontally.

Experience using and/or developing custom Lucene analyzers / tokenizers would be a benefit, but is not strictly required.

Similarly, detailed knowledge of HTTP web services, data formats and encoding, and operating system monitoring / performance tuning (particularly under Linux) are all desirable skills but not requirements.


Please apply via our job posting on stackoverflow careers.

About Meltwater Group

Founded in Norway in 2001 by Jorn Lyseggen, Meltwater Group is a SaaS provider with over 20,000 clients, 850+ employees, and 57 offices globally.

We provide healthcare, commuter and other benefits via a flexible enrollment program, and hold numerous office events including traditional ‘Fredagspils’, themed lunches, and more.

Yearly ‘Kick-Off’ events bring the entire company together, and have been held in locations including Jamaica, Las Vegas, and London.