Oslo: Big Data Engineer

This is a cross posting from the original job posting at finn.no.

Meltwater is a global Software as a Service company, and a world-leading supplier of media monitoring solutions. We collect and analyze more than 60 millions of documents every day, and deliver reports to more than 20.000 customers globally.

To leverage more information from these massive amounts of data, Meltwater is setting up a new Insights team in Oslo, Norway. The team will be responsible for delivering cutting-edge solutions in analyzing editorial and social media from millions of sources across the world.

You will be part of a small and focused team, located at our office in Oslo. The team will consist of one Text Miner/NLP specialist, one Data Analyst/Statistician, and you, a Data Miner/Database Expert with Big Data experience. Your contribution will play a major role in both defining and executing the team’s various projects.

The Insights team will be a part of and interact with the larger, global Meltwater engineering force, stretching from Silicon Valley via Budapest and Berlin to Bangalore.

To learn more about Meltwater, also visit our company profiles on Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Work tasks

  • Architect and design suitable storage layer for extensive analysis of data either using traditional relational databases or NoSQL DB’s
  • Create efficient information extraction and retrieval from production/staging environment across variety of DB types
  • Continually work on fine tuning the extraction and retrieval API’s and queries to avoid performance bottleneck
  • Perform analysis on data across the various systems within Meltwater and also look beyond the company’s boundaries for publically available data
  • In co-operation with the rest of the team, work with explorative and predictive analyses on data, e.g. machine learning, pattern recognition, outlier detection

Formal qualifications

  • Master in Computer Science
  • 2+ years of Big Data experience
  • Academic achievements or strong experience can mutually compensate for each other

Required skills

  • Strong Java programming skills
  • Deep know-how of traditional relational databases like MySQL
  • Experience in/desire to learn:
    • Big Data storage: NoSQL, HBase, MongoDB, Riak, Couchbase or similar technologies
    • Big Data scripting: Hive, Pig or similar technologies
    • MapReduce: Hadoop, Mahout, Azkaban, Spark and similar technologies
    • Data Mining: Descriptive and predictive modeling, machine learning, document clustering and similar fields
  • Strong confidence, and desire to be the team expert, in your core skills
  • Analytical skills and a problem solver’s attitude

Meltwater offers you

  • A highly challenging and open-ended job
  • A competitive salary
  • A chance to test your skills to the max
  • Flexible working hours
  • Great offices located at Aker Brygge
  • Possibility to define and influence the type of projects you work on
  • Interaction with talented colleagues from across the globe


Does this sound exciting? Are you the right person?

Send applications to fredrik.jorgensen@meltwater.com before February 15th.

Please provide a résumé/CV, including your contact details.

If possible, we are also interested in seeing:

  • Project back log – links or descriptions
  • Code samples (e.g. github account)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send them to the address above.