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Tech Talk: Scalability Testing of a Production Kubernetes Cluster

In early spring 2018 Kubernetes went into Production at Meltwater and has seen great adoption from a lot of our engineering teams. Our Kubernetes cluster went from hosting 150 services at the end of 2018 to more than 800 services 9 months later.

As part of our involvement in the Cloud Native Nordics community, we recently gave a tech talk there where the team managing our Kubernetes cluster shared what they learned about scalability testing Kubernetes.

Tech Talk

Our Foundation team is providing Kubernetes as a service for the rest of our engineering teams. They wanted to know how much more Kubernetes could grow when onboarding the remaining teams with the current setup and architecture.

In their Tech Talk at Cloud Native Nordics, they described the findings during the scalability testing of our Production Kubernetes cluster:

  • What official information is out there?
  • What metrics to use to determine the health of a cluster?
  • How to simulate a production load and stress a scaled Kubernetes cluster?
  • What methodology was used for testing?

Rather than telling you more about it, we recommend you watch the recording below. Also if you want to follow along at your own pace, here the slides from the presentation.